Why Zerust (VCI)?

In today’s competitive global marketplace, your metal products must travel thousands of miles through aggressive atmospheres, extreme daily changes of humidity and temperature, and possibly extended storage before your customers ever see them.
Zerust packaging solutions will resolve your corrosion problems while increasing your company’s profitability by reducing operating costs, increasing process yields, and enhancing your customers’ satisfaction. In some regions of the world, Zerust is also known as EXCOR® due to language differences.
Zerust/Excor field engineers on four continents use decades of accumulated applications experience to:
• Identify and resolve corrosion causes in processes.
• Eliminate unnecessary packaging and materials handling processes.
• Design optimal customer corrosion management solutions.
• Provide point-to-point customer service in over 70 countries.
Worldwide Zerust/Excor Technical Support.
Our internationally recognized scientists and field engineers work closely with customers to design and implement comprehensive corrosion management systems. Then, Zerust representatives worldwide provide on-site technical support to ensure the efficacy of these solutions. Zerust applications engineers will assist with the on-site preparation and packaging of test shipments. At its destination, the shipment will be inspected and evaluated by a global Zerust representative.
Laboratories and Test Facilities Across the Globe.
The effectiveness of the proposed corrosion management system can be evaluated under extreme simulated climatic conditions in one of our many worldwide regional Zerust technical support centers. Zerust is a business unit of Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC). NTIC’s management system is ISO 9001 certified.

Corrosion Cost Calculator

Your Estimates
Number of your products shipped per year
Your average cost of producing each product
Percentage of products rejected by shipment receiver due to corrosion or related quality failures
Percentage of rejected products you are unable to salvage and need to scrap
Cost of reworking each product

Some companies have found this to be more than 30% of product cost when all the direct costs are taken into consideration.
Direct cost of corrosion per year (subtotal)
F = (A x B x C x D) + [A x C x (1-D) x E]
Indirect cost of corrosion per year, maintenance of additional inventory, lost freight, warehousing, repacking and handling, production halts, air freight charges, personnel, etc.
Some companies have found this to be more than 15% of the direct cost of corrosion calculated above.

G = F x 0.15
Your total direct and indirect cost of corrosion per year
H = F + G
Your total direct and indirect cost of corrosion per day
I = H ÷ 255

Zerust is rust prevention technology that provides the ultimate solution to protect metal from harmful rust and corrosion.

How It Works – Zerust products protect against rust by releasing an invisible, non-toxic, non-reactive and odorless corrosion-inhibiting vapor. The vapor protects metal components by preventing corrosion for up to five years. Zerust can protect a range of metal items, including those created from aluminum, brass, copper, iron, nickel, steel, and silver.

Protect Valuables – Zerust rust prevention technology works equally well for all metal valuables, including motorcycles, automobiles, firearms, circuit boards, automotive parts, fine jewelry and silver.

Is It Safe? – Because Zerust uses invisible, odorless and non-toxic rust protection technology, Zerust products are completely safe. They leave no residue and cause no changes to the metal they are protecting. In fact, all Zerust products are environmentally friendly, and cleared by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as safe for use with kitchen equipment and foodware.

Use Zerust products with complete confidence. All products exceed federal test method requirements and have been employed by major automotive manufacturers, computer electronics suppliers, the military, and many other companies to protect metal items from rust and corrosion.