“You are absolutely amazing. It is hard to find a company like yours that tries to help when a need arises anymore. I am very thankful we found you. We certainly appreciate you very very much. ”
~ Jennifer (Customer since 2018)
“Tewes Corporation is a small link in my Supply Chain but they are one of the strongest when it comes to Product Quality, Delivery, and Price. I would not hesitate to recommend Tewes Corp to any company that would ask….. Except maybe our competitors.”
~ Tom H, Sturgeon Bay, WI (Customer since 1973)
“Tewes is AWESOME!!! Excellent level of customer service , great product offerings, very knowledgeable staff, and prompt reply to fulfilling our needs. They are very professional and very prompt on their delivery. Barbara is the best! She always takes the “extra mile” to help! Thank you!!!”
~ Sue, South San Francisco, CA. (Customer since 2010)
“Tewes, from top to bottom, has some of the best people I have the pleasure of working with. Professional, friendly, prompt, reliable and amazing customer service are just a few of the things that come to mind when I think of Tewes. They make everything so easy and simple, I’d recommend them to anyone.”
~ Paul B., Richfield, WI (Customer since 1977)
“GBI is a long time happy customer of Tewes Corporation! We enjoy their extensive product line! Tewes is always willing to help with new ideas! Their customer service is second to none! I look forward to many more years of doing business with Tewes!”
~ Mike R., Bay City, MI (Customer since 1995)
“Tewes Corp. was the most competitive in pricing, orders are always prompt and they are willing to keep our product in stock so it may be shipped out promptly. Response to emails is awesome and they are very helpful and friendly to work with. We are pleased with there business.”
~ Deb L, Archbold, OH (Customer since 2012)
“Thank you for the consistent good service you provide to us. Our orders are always shipped promptly keeping our customers happy. Thanks to all of you at Tewes for your courteous assistance with pricing and information on your products.”
~ B. Cantwell, Atlanta, GA (Customer since 2002)
“As a company we have been doing business with Tewes for years. They have provided us with a variety of products at competitive prices. Custom orders are something we have taken advantage of, and the lead times are exceptional. Thanks for setting the bar in customer satisfaction!”
~ M.M. Fort Atkinson, WI (Customer since 1972)
“I have purchased a number of different types of polybags from Tewes Corporation. They are extremely knowledgeable and have helped me greatly by suggesting the correct type of bags for my specific applications. The products have always performed as promised. The orders have been filled accurately and quickly. I would highly recommend Tewes Corporation.”
~ Brian S., Brisbane, CA (Customer since 2009)
“It is a pleasure working with Tewes Corporation. Communication, dependability and product knowledge couldn’t be better. Definitely the preferred supplier”
~ C.T. Elk Grove, IL (Customer since 1990)
“It is always a pleasure to work with Barb and her staff at Tewes Corporation. Great customer service. They always have our supplies in stock and we receive our orders next day. We are happy to support a local vendor. ”
~ N.H. Brookfield, WI (Customer since 2005)
“We have done business with Tewes Corporation for many years and they are very dependable when it comes to service, new ideas, and delivery. I would recommend you to give them a try if you are not already working with them!!”
~ Sherry J., Juneau, WI (Customer since 1990)
“Tewes has always been very helpful, courteous and accommodating to our company’s needs. We have never been disappointed with the service or the products that we have ordered from Tewes. I would recommend them as a great supplier.”
~ Karen G., Racine, WI (Customer since 2004)
“Tewes has a very friendly, knowledgeable staff, very prompt on deliveries. Their items are excellent quality and are helpful in cost reduction ideas.”
~ Steve S., Sheridan, IN (Customer since 1977)
“Tewes Corporation is one of the easiest suppliers I have. I order the same thing every few weeks. It is a simple as “Barb, I need my order” and it’s done. Two days later I have it on my dock.”
~ Will D., Ripley, TN, (Customer since 2009)
“Tewes has been a great company to work with. They always seem to know exactly what I am looking for when I call. And their delivery is flawless.”
~ Rich C., Muskegon, MI, (Customer since 2010)
“I appreciate your help with everything. This makes you a TOP OF THE LINE supplier. We made a good choice in going with your company to supply these bag for us. We will definitely keep you in mind for all new projects as well as this one going forward. Thanks for all you do for us.”
~ J. W. (Customer since 2018)
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~ Brad R., Northbrook, IL (Customer since 1992)
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~ Ron P., Hartford, WI (Customer since 2010)
“We use Tewes for all of our plastic packaging needs. They are always courteous on the phone and ship the correct items fast.”
~ Ron A., Sturgeon Bay, WI (Customer since 1973)
“Tewes Corporation is an outstanding company that really goes the extra mile for their customers. They are excellent at meeting our needs with their products, service and delivery of supplies. Thank you Tewes and keep up the great work!!”
~ H.B. New Glarus, WI (Customer since 1982)
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~ B.S., Peoria, IL (Customer since 1989)
“They’re the most painless company to deal with. I appreciate the availability to talk to somebody in person when I call. Very helpful…that leaves me with a good feeling.”
~ A.G, North Sioux City, SD (Customer since 1979)
“Easy going staff is helpful and great to work with.”
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“What I like best is that the people are always so pleasant!”
~ J.R., Springfield, MO (Customer since 1982)
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“Great variety and product availability.”
~ S.H., Grandin, ND (Customer since 1979)
“Friendly, knowledgeable staff.”
~ J.D., Sussex, WI (Customer since 1980)
“Tewes is one of the few companies I deal with that gives great service.”
~ C.L., Roselle, IL (Customer since 1995)