• Offers powerful and fast-acting corrosion protection for challenging applications such as overseas shipping and in polluted factories.
  • Robust formula protects against acid gases and contaminents.
  • Protects ferrous and aluminum metals in enclosed spaces.
  • Does not leave a residue or need to be removed prior to welding or painting.
  • ActivPak has a non-toxic odor that is completely safe and dissipates within a few hours.
  • LS series is the low scent version.

VCI | Zerust® ActivPak

ImagePart #NameScentVolume of ProtectionQty/CSPriceBuyhf:att:pa_widthhf:att:pa_depthhf:att:pa_lengthhf:att:pa_mil
ActivPak®-35 | 375-M-00100
375-M-00100ActivPak®-35Normal35 ft³10$36.23
ActivPak®-35 | 375-M-00101
375-M-00101ActivPak®-35Normal35 ft³50$158.12
ActivPak®-35 | 375-M-00102
375-M-00102ActivPak®-35Normal35 ft³100$309.72
ActivPak® (LS)-35 | 375-M-00103
375-M-00103ActivPak® (LS)-35Low35 ft³10$36.23
ActivPak® (LS)-35 | 375-M-00104
375-M-00104ActivPak® (LS)-35Low35 ft³50$158.12
ActivPak® (LS)-35 | 375-M-00105
375-M-00105ActivPak® (LS)-35Low35 ft³100$309.72
ActivPak® (LS)-T350 | 375-M-00107
375-M-00107ActivPak® (LS)-T350Low26 ft³10$30.79
ActivPak® (LS)-T350 | 375-M-00108
375-M-00108ActivPak® (LS)-T350Low26 ft³50$134.41
ActivPak® (LS)-T350 | 375-M-00109
375-M-00109ActivPak® (LS)-T350Low26 ft³100$263.27
ActivPak® (LS)-33 | 375-M-00111
375-M-00111ActivPak® (LS)-33Low16 ft³10$28.95
ActivPak® (LS)-33 | 375-M-00112
375-M-00112ActivPak® (LS)-33Low16 ft³50$126.34
ActivPak® (LS)-33 | 375-M-00113
375-M-00113ActivPak® (LS)-33Low16 ft³100$247.47
ActivPak® (LS)-T330 | 375-M-00114
375-M-00114ActivPak® (LS)-T330Low5 ft³10$27.50
ActivPak® (LS)-T330 | 375-M-00115
375-M-00115ActivPak® (LS)-T330Low5 ft³50$120.02
ActivPak® (LS)-T330 | 375-M-00116
375-M-00116ActivPak® (LS)-T330Low5 ft³100$235.09
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