• Plastabs small, thin shape are perfect for protecting critical interior surfaces within the smallest of spaces, hard-to-reach areas or parts of equipment.
  • Patented formula emits a harmless vapor of hassle free 2 year rust prevention molecules that form a protective layer around nearby metal surfaces.
  • Simply disperse throughout bulk packages of multi-metal parts or use optional peel-adhesive backing which can be affixed to most surfaces.
  • Durable, do not flake or leave residue, non-toxic and odorless.

VCI Plastabs | Zerust

Part #SizeVolume of ProtectionWidthLengthQty/CSPriceBuyhf:att:pa_widthhf:att:pa_depthhf:att:pa_lengthhf:att:pa_mil
425-M-00001Plastabs (1" x 1")0.4 ft³1 in1 in1000$143.33
425-M-00002Plastabs (0.75" x 0.75")0.2 ft³0.75 in0.75 in1000$96.08
425-M-00003Plastabs (0.5" x 0.5")0.1 ft³0.5 in0.5 in1000$59.85
425-M-00004Plastabs (0.75" x 0.75" w/adhesive)0.2 ft³0.75 in0.75 in1000$127.58
425-M-00005Plastabs (1" x 3" w/printing)1.0 ft³1 in3 in10$13.23
425-M-00006Plastabs (1" x 3" w/printing)1.0 ft³1 in3 in1000$496.13
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