• ActivPaks offer fast acting flash corrosion inhibitors form an invisible shield that provides powerful corrosion protection.
  • Convenient drop-in packets.
  • Packets have a non-toxic odor that is completely safe and dissipates within a few hours; and does not leave a residue that needs to be removed prior to welding or painting.
  • Choose from 1 year or 2 year protection
  • Available in Normal Scent or Low Scent (LS series).
  • ActivDri capsules reduces flash-rust and corrosion incidents even in contaminated and challenging environments and features a durable coated steel cable to aid inserting and retrieving the unit from the center of a void space. The cable is affixed to the capsule in multiple points to provide a secure hold.

VCI Vapor Capsules | Zerust

Part #ImageDescriptionVolume of ProtectionQty/CSPriceBuy
VC1-1 (S) Vapor Capsules | 375-M-00006
Vapor Capsule VC1-1 (S)-short version (1 year protection)4 ft³50$68.61
VC1-1 Vapor Capsules | 375-M-00001
Vapor Capsule VC1-1 (1 year protection)4 ft³50$68.61
FAC1-1 (S) ActivCapsules | 375-M-00106
ActivCapsule FAC1-1 (S)-short version, Fast Acting (1 year protection)4 ft³50$75.46
VC2-1 Vapor Capsules | 375-M-00002
Vapor Capsule VC2-1 (1 year protection)35 ft³25$100.78
VC2-2 Vapor Capsules | 375-M-00003
Vapor Capsule VC2-2 (2 year protection)35 ft³10$63.11
VC6-1 Vapor Capsules | 375-M-00004
Vapor Capsule VC6-1 (1 year protection)900 ft³4$179.63
VC6-2 Vapor Capsules | 375-M-00005
Vapor Capsule VC6-2 (2 year protection)900 ft³4$325.57
ActivDri FAD12-1 Capsule | 375-F-00003
ActivDri FAD12-1 Capsule with silica-gel desiccant (1 year protection, ferrous metals only)177 ft³10$1,904.09
ZAK-M22 Vapor Capsules | 375-M-00202
ZAK-M22 Capsules (protection 2 years in tightly sealed enclosure, 1 month in Aggressive Environment)35 ft³10$111.38
Quantity Discounts Available
Buy 5-9 of same part # get a 5% discount.
Buy 10 or more of same part # get a 10% discount.
(discount price will be shown in shopping cart)
1. Remove product from packaging.
2. Mark or take note of the installation date. Diffusers are conservatively rated for a wide range of environments to provide a minimum 1 or 2 year life depending on the model.
3. Place the diffuser in the most ideal location possible following the principles above.
4. Ensure that the airflow to the enclosure is restricted.
NOTE: Upon removal of the Zerust diffuser or opening the enclosure; the Zerust protective molecules will dissipate from the metal surface in a few hours. Corrosion protection of the metal surface will also cease by this time.

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