• Amine-Free
  • Meets the static decay requirements of MIL-PRF-81705E, Type III and EIA-541
  • Can be heat sealed
  • Bags effectively eliminate the hazard of static damage
  • Excellent choice when "faraday cage" protection is not required

Anti Static Flat Poly Bags

Part #WidthLengthMilQty/CSPriceBuy
FAS3523 in5 in2 mil1000$19.33
FAS4624 in6 in2 mil1000$24.32
FAS6826 in8 in2 mil1000$35.23
FAS61026 in10 in2 mil1000$41.94
FAS91229 in12 in2 mil1000$67.90
FAS1016210 in16 in2 mil1000$94.93
FAS1215212 in15 in2 mil1000$100.60
FAS1218212 in18 in2 mil1000$120.63
FAS1824218 in24 in2 mil500$105.59
FAS4644 in6 in4 mil1000$43.58
FAS6846 in8 in4 mil1000$64.99
FAS61046 in10 in4 mil1000$74.41
FAS81048 in10 in4 mil1000$96.23
FAS91249 in12 in4 mil1000$120.63
FAS1012410 in12 in4 mil1000$134.39
FAS1016410 in16 in4 mil1000$168.99
FAS1215412 in15 in4 mil500$94.73
FAS1218412 in18 in4 mil500$113.72
FAS1224412 in24 in4 mil500$151.62
FAS1418414 in18 in4 mil500$127.90
FAS1620416 in20 in4 mil500$167.14
FAS1824418 in24 in4 mil250$105.58
FAS2024420 in24 in4 mil250$117.35
FAS2430424 in30 in4 mil250$176.00
FAS2436424 in36 in4 mil100$84.43
FAS3636436 in36 in4 mil100$116.91
FAS3642436 in42 in4 mil100$136.42
FAS3648436 in48 in4 mil50$78.01
Quantity Discounts Available
Buy 5-9 of same part # get a 5% discount.
Buy 10 or more of same part # get a 10% discount.
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