• Low Density lip & tape or resealable bags preprinted with standard suffocation warning and recycle symbol
  • Bag has a 1.5” lip with adhesive strip
  • Warning is an alert to users of the potential hazard to children
  • Meets standard shipping requirements of many online retailers
  • Printed in 3 languages – English, Spanish and French
WARNING: Plastic bags can be dangerous, to avoid danger of suffocation, keep this bag away from babies and children. Do not use this bag in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens. This bag is not a toy.
ADVERTENCIA: Bolsas plásticas pueden ser peligrosas para evitar peligro de asfixia, mantenga esa bolsa fuera del alcance de bebés y niños. No utilice esta bolsa en cunas, camas, coches o corrales. Esta bolsa no es un juguete.
ATTENTION: Les sacs en plastique peuvent être dangereux, pour éviter tout danger de suffocation, gardez ce sac hors del’ atteinte des bébés et des enfants. Ne pas utiliser ce sac dans des berceaux, des lits, des voitures ou des parcs. Ce sac n'est pas un jouet.

Suffocation Warning Lip & Tape Bags

Part #Text SizeWidthLengthMILQty/CSPriceBuy
LNT66SW10pt6 in6 in1.5 mil1000$20.56
LNT69SW10pt6 in9 in1.5 mil1000$28.84
LNT810SW10pt8 in10 in1.5 mil1000$41.97
LNT912SW10pt9 in12 in1.5 mil1000$55.40
LNT912SWV10pt9 in12 in1.5 mil1000 vented$55.86
LNT1012SW10pt10 in12 in1.5 mil1000$63.46
LNT1015SW10pt10 in15 in1.5 mil1000$75.42
LNT1015SWV10pt10 in15 in1.5 mil1000 vented$75.92
LNT1114SW10pt11 in14 in1.5 mil1000$77.85
LNT1215SW10pt12 in15 in1.5 mil1000$89.92
LNT1218SW14pt12 in18 in1.5 mil1000$106.83
LNT1218SWV14pt12 in18 in1.5 mil1000 vented$106.04
LNT1420SW14pt14 in20 in1.5 mil1000$137.34
LNT1620SW14pt16 in20 in1.5 mil500$78.14
LNT1624SW18pt16 in24 in1.5 mil500$93.02
LNT1824SW18pt18 in24 in1.5 mil500$105.71
LNT1624SWV18pt16 in24 in1.5 mil500 vented$93.61
LNT2224SW18pt22 in24 in1.5 mil500$127.95
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