• Designed to keep furniture and equipment dry and clean
  • Variety of sizes to fit most furniture pieces
  • Offers great protection for large, stored items
  • Easy to use – perforated on rolls

Furniture Covers

Part #WidthLengthSizeThicknessQty/RollPriceBuy
FUR050-1050 in45 in26" Chair1 mil300$118.34
FUR054-1054 in45 in29" Chair1 mil275$117.15
FUR070-1070 in45 in36" Chair1 mil215$118.71
FUR076-1076 in45 in42" Chair1 mil200$119.89
FUR084-1084 in45 in50" Chair1 mil175$116.02
FUR090-1090 in45 in56" Chair1 mil165$117.15
FUR092-1092 in45 in60" Chair1 mil160$116.12
FUR106-10106 in45 in70" Loveseat1 mil140$117.10
FUR124-10124 in45 in90" Sofa1 mil125$122.29
FUR134-10134 in45 in100" Sofa1 mil110$116.19
FUR140-10140 in45 in106" Sofa1 mil100$110.52
FUR152-10152 in45 in116" Sofa1 mil100$119.89
FUR054-3054 in45 in29" Chair3 mil100$84.07
FUR090-3090 in45 in56" Chair3 mil55$77.84
FUR106-30106 in45 in70" Loveseat3 mil50$82.65
FUR124-30124 in45 in90" Sofa3 mil40$78.01
FUR140-30140 in45 in106" Sofa3 mil35$77.14
FUR152-30152 in45 in116" Sofa3 mil35$83.02
Quantity Discounts Available
Buy 5-9 of same part # get a 5% discount.
Buy 10 or more of same part # get a 10% discount.
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