Uncoated 2200 lbs. Capacity Bulk Bags

Part #SizeDescriptionCubic ftQTY/PalletPriceBuyhf:att:pa_widthhf:att:pa_heighthf:att:pa_depthhf:att:pa_lengthhf:att:pa_mil
BB-40UDF35x35x40Duffle Top - Flat Bottom, U-Panel34.1 ft³1 pallet/285 bags, 1 pallet/50 bags$458.50$2,177.40
BB-50UDF35x35x50Duffle Top - Flat Bottom, U-Panel43.1 ft³1 pallet/250 bags, 1 pallet/50 bags$515.50$2,145.00
BB-40U5DS35x35x40Circular, Duffle Top - Spout Bottom34.1 ft³1 pallet/275 bags, 1 pallet/50 bags$500.50$2,293.50
BB-50U5DS35x35x50Circular, Duffle Top - Spout Bottom43.1 ft³1 pallet/250 bags, 1 pallet/50 bags$451.50$2,190.00
BB-40UOF35x35x40Circular, Open Top - Flat Bottom (2500 lbs)34.1 ft³1 pallet/340 bags, 1 pallet/50 bags$388.00$2,199.80
BB-50UOF35x35x50Circular, Open Top - Flat Bottom (2500 lbs)43.1 ft³1 pallet/300 bags, 1 pallet/50 bags$445.00$2,229.00
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