• Provides excellent protection against moisture and dirt for mattresses and box springs
  • Vent holes allow air circulation
  • Low slip polyethylene keeps mattresses from sliding when stacked
  • Bags are perforated on rolls for easier and faster tear off
  • Gussets make for a better fit and are easier to pull over mattresses and box springs

Mattress Bags

Part #DescriptionWidthDepthLengthMilQty/RollPriceBuy
MBS3908090-15Standard Twin39 in8 in90 in1.5 mil100$106.19
MBS5408090-15Standard Full54 in8 in90 in1.5 mil100$138.43
MBS3909090-30Standard Twin39 in9 in90 in3 mil75$129.25
MBP4015095-30Pillow Twin40 in15 in95 in3 mil55$133.63
MBS5409090-30Standard Full54 in9 in90 in3 mil60$133.13
MBP5615095-30Pillow Top Full56 in15 in95 in3 mil45$136.67
MBS6009090-30Standard Queen60 in9 in90 in3 mil55$138.18
MBS6012090-30Standard X-Queen60 in12 in90 in3 mil55$140.27
MBP6215095-30Pillow Top Queen62 in15 in95 in3 mil40$132.01
MBP6218095-30Pillow Top X-Queen62 in18 in95 in3 mil40$136.11
MBS7809090-30Standard King78 in9 in90 in3 mil45$144.39
MBS7812090-30Standard X-King78 in12 in90 in3 mil45$146.54
MBP8215100-30Pillow Top King82 in15 in100 in3 mil35$148.45
MBP8218100-30Pillow Top X-King82 in18 in100 in3 mil35$153.09
MBS3909090-40Standard Twin39 in9 in90 in4 mil50$122.22
MBP4015095-40Pillow Top Twin40 in15 in95 in4 mil50$154.31
MBS5409090-40Standard Full54 in9 in90 in4 mil45$135.61
MBP5615095-40Pillow Top Full56 in15 in95 in4 mil40$159.28
MBS6009090-40Standard Queen60 in9 in90 in4 mil40$128.65
MBS6012090-40Standard X-Queen60 in12 in90 in4 mil40$132.69
MBP6215095-40Pillow Top Queen62 in15 in95 in4 mil35$149.07
MBP6218095-40Pillow Top X-Queen62 in18 in95 in4 mil35$154.80
MBS7809090-40Standard King78 in9 in90 in4 mil30$121.59
MBS7812090-40Standard X-King78 in12 in90 in4 mil30$123.57
MBP8215100-40Pillow Top King82 in15 in100 in4 mil25$143.44
MBP8218100-40Pillow Top X-King82 in18 in100 in4 mil25$147.36
Quantity Discounts Available
Buy 5-9 of same part # get a 5% discount.
Buy 10 or more of same part # get a 10% discount.
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