• Easily make your own bags for a perfect fit
  • Keep inventory costs down not having to stock multiple bags sizes
  • Simply insert product and heat seal using Poly Bag Heat Sealers
  • Tubing can also be tied, stapled or taped
  • Meets FDA and USDA specifications
  • Clean Room Class 100, Anti-Static, Black Conductive, and VCI Tubing also available.

Poly Tubing

Part #MilWidthApprox. feet per rollPackage TypePriceBuy
TUBE15-031.5 mil3 in2000 ft1 Roll$39.76
TUBE15-041.5 mil4 in4000 ft1 Roll$77.85
TUBE20-012 mil1 in1500 ft1 Roll$15.62
TUBE20-022 mil2 in1500 ft1 Roll$30.45
TUBE20-032 mil3 in1500 ft1 Roll$39.76
TUBE20-042 mil4 in3000 ft1 Roll$77.07
TUBE20-052 mil5 in3000 ft1 Roll$89.75
TUBE20-062 mil6 in3000 ft1 Roll$101.29
TUBE20-072 mil7 in3000 ft1 Roll$121.80
TUBE20-082 mil8 in3000 ft1 Roll$123.82
TUBE20-102 mil10 in3000 ft1 Roll$146.35
TUBE20-122 mil12 in3000 ft1 Roll$167.99
TUBE20-142 mil14 in2700 ft1 Roll$172.34
TUBE20-162 mil16 in2700 ft1 Roll$189.56
TUBE20-182 mil18 in2400 ft1 Roll$176.80
TUBE20-202 mil20 in2100 ft1 Roll$173.52
TUBE20-222 mil22 in1800 ft1 Roll$165.39
TUBE20-242 mil24 in1800 ft1 Roll$176.80
TUBE20-262 mil26 in1650 ft1 Roll$176.30
TUBE20-282 mil28 in1650 ft1 Roll$190.05
TUBE20-302 mil30 in1500 ft1 Roll$185.65
TUBE20-322 mil32 in1500 ft1 Roll$193.91
TUBE20-362 mil36 in1350 ft1 Roll$193.91
TUBE20-402 mil40 in1200 ft1 Roll$194.12
TUBE20-482 mil48 in900 ft1 Roll$175.90
TUBE30-013 mil1 in1500 ft1 Roll$20.30
TUBE30-023 mil2 in1500 ft1 Roll$30.45
TUBE30-033 mil3 in1000 ft1 Roll$39.76
TUBE30-043 mil4 in2000 ft1 Roll$77.07
TUBE30-053 mil5 in2000 ft1 Roll$89.75
TUBE30-063 mil6 in2000 ft1 Roll$101.29
TUBE30-083 mil8 in2000 ft1 Roll$123.82
TUBE30-093 mil9 in2000 ft1 Roll$137.64
TUBE30-103 mil10 in2000 ft1 Roll$146.35
TUBE30-123 mil12 in2000 ft1 Roll$167.99
TUBE30-143 mil14 in1800 ft1 Roll$172.34
TUBE30-163 mil16 in1800 ft1 Roll$189.56
TUBE30-183 mil18 in1600 ft1 Roll$176.80
TUBE30-203 mil20 in1400 ft1 Roll$173.52
TUBE30-243 mil24 in1200 ft1 Roll$176.80
TUBE30-283 mil28 in1100 ft1 Roll$190.05
TUBE30-303 mil30 in1000 ft1 Roll$185.65
TUBE30-323 mil32 in1000 ft1 Roll$193.91
TUBE30-363 mil36 in900 ft1 Roll$193.91
TUBE30-403 mil40 in800 ft1 Roll$194.12
TUBE30-483 mil48 in600 ft1 Roll$175.90
TUBE40-014 mil1 in750 ft1 Roll$20.30
TUBE40-024 mil2 in750 ft1 Roll$30.45
TUBE40-034 mil3 in750 ft1 Roll$39.76
TUBE40-044 mil4 in1500 ft1 Roll$77.07
TUBE40-054 mil5 in1500 ft1 Roll$89.75
TUBE40-064 mil6 in1500 ft1 Roll$101.29
TUBE40-074 mil7 in1500 ft1 Roll$121.80
TUBE40-084 mil8 in1500 ft1 Roll$123.82
TUBE40-094 mil9 in1500 ft1 Roll$137.64
TUBE40-104 mil10 in1500 ft1 Roll$146.35
TUBE40-124 mil12 in1500 ft1 Roll$167.99
TUBE40-144 mil14 in1350 ft1 Roll$172.34
TUBE40-164 mil16 in1350 ft1 Roll$189.56
TUBE40-184 mil18 in1200 ft1 Roll$176.80
TUBE40-204 mil20 in1050 ft1 Roll$173.52
TUBE40-224 mil22 in900 ft1 Roll$165.39
TUBE40-244 mil24 in900 ft1 Roll$176.80
TUBE40-264 mil26 in825 ft1 Roll$176.30
TUBE40-304 mil30 in750 ft1 Roll$185.65
TUBE40-364 mil36 in675 ft1 Roll$193.91
TUBE40-404 mil40 in600 ft1 Roll$194.12
TUBE40-484 mil48 in450 ft1 Roll$175.90
TUBE40-604 mil60 in350 ft1 Roll$183.24
TUBE60-036 mil3 in500 ft1 Roll$39.76
TUBE60-046 mil4 in1000 ft1 Roll$77.07
TUBE60-056 mil5 in1000 ft1 Roll$89.75
TUBE60-066 mil6 in1000 ft1 Roll$101.29
TUBE60-076 mil7 in1000 ft1 Roll$121.80
TUBE60-086 mil8 in1000 ft1 Roll$123.82
TUBE60-096 mil9 in1000 ft1 Roll$137.64
TUBE60-106 mil10 in1000 ft1 Roll$146.35
TUBE60-126 mil12 in1000 ft1 Roll$167.99
TUBE60-136 mil13 in900 ft1 Roll$164.80
TUBE60-146 mil14 in900 ft1 Roll$172.34
TUBE60-166 mil16 in900 ft1 Roll$189.56
TUBE60-186 mil18 in800 ft1 Roll$176.80
TUBE60-206 mil20 in700 ft1 Roll$173.52
TUBE60-226 mil22 in600 ft1 Roll$165.39
TUBE60-246 mil24 in600 ft1 Roll$176.80
TUBE60-286 mil28 in550 ft1 Roll$190.05
TUBE60-306 mil30 in500 ft1 Roll$185.65
TUBE60-326 mil32 in500 ft1 Roll$193.91
TUBE60-366 mil36 in450 ft1 Roll$193.91
TUBE60-406 mil40 in400 ft1 Roll$194.12
TUBE60-486 mil48 in300 ft1 Roll$175.90
Quantity Discounts Available
Buy 5-9 of same part # get a 5% discount.
Buy 10 or more of same part # get a 10% discount.
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