• You select what works best for all your shipping and packaging applications.
  • Because of their versatility, poly bags abound in almost every industry, providing utility in various applications and industries.
  • Economical and reusable
  • Meet FDA and USDA specifications for direct food contact
  • Bags can be heat sealed, tied, stapled or taped

Flat Poly Bags on a Roll

Part #WidthLengthMilQty/RollPriceBuy
F692POR6 in9 in2 mil2000$60.93
F8102POR8 in10 in2 mil1000$41.87
F9122POR9 in12 in2 mil1000$59.88
F10162POR10 in16 in2 mil1000$90.43
F12182POR12 in18 in2 mil1000$104.52
F16202POR16 in20 in2 mil1000$135.20
F18242POR18 in24 in2 mil500$76.29
F20302POR20 in30 in2 mil500$105.24
F24362POR24 in36 in2 mil500$158.94
F30422POR30 in42 in2 mil250$115.07
F36482POR36 in48 in2 mil250$162.34
F40542POR40 in54 in2 mil200$161.76
F48602POR48 in60 in2 mil150$156.77
F38653POR38 in65 in3 mil100$132.96
F8104POR8 in10 in4 mil500$40.87
F9124POR9 in12 in4 mil500$50.17
F10164POR10 in16 in4 mil500$69.59
F12184POR12 in18 in4 mil500$100.41
F18244POR18 in24 in4 mil250$76.59
F20304POR20 in30 in4 mil250$105.64
F24364POR24 in36 in4 mil250$152.95
F30424POR30 in42 in4 mil125$112.34
F36484POR36 in48 in4 mil125$154.37
F38654POR38 in65 in4 mil50$90.23
F48604POR48 in60 in4 mil75$151.65
F38726POR38 in72 in6 mil45$126.06
Quantity Discounts Available
Buy 5-9 of same part # get a 5% discount.
Buy 10 or more of same part # get a 10% discount.
(discount price will be shown in shopping cart)
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