• Most popular thickness offers protection for light to medium weight products
  • FDA and USDA compliant for food contact
  • 100% virgin polyethylene film
  • Bags can be heat sealed, tied, stapled or taped to close
  • Custom sizes available with low minimums

2 Mil Gusseted Poly Bags

Part #ColorWidthDepthLengthMILQty/CSPriceBuy
G682Clear4 in2 in8 in2 mil1000$25.96
G6102Clear4 in2 in10 in2 mil1000$32.38
G6122Clear4 in2 in12 in2 mil1000$39.10
G7122Clear5 in2 in12 in2 mil1000$43.76
G8152Clear5 in3 in15 in2 mil1000$53.40
G9122Clear6 in3 in12 in2 mil1000$48.92
G9152Clear6 in3 in15 in2 mil1000$58.30
G9182Clear6 in3 in18 in2 mil1000$69.92
G10152Clear6 in4 in15 in2 mil1000$77.59
G10202Clear6 in4 in20 in2 mil1000$103.96
G11152Clear8 in3 in15 in2 mil1000$84.99
G12152Clear8 in4 in15 in2 mil1000$91.41
G12182Clear8 in4 in18 in2 mil1000$108.17
G12222Clear8 in4 in22 in2 mil1000$134.64
G14202Clear10 in4 in20 in2 mil1000$131.60
G16202Clear10 in6 in20 in2 mil1000$143.19
G16242Clear10 in6 in24 in2 mil500$83.07
G18202Clear10 in8 in20 in2 mil500$71.57
G18242Clear10 in8 in24 in2 mil500$86.12
G20242Clear12 in8 in24 in2 mil500$92.37
G20302Clear12 in8 in30 in2 mil500$114.62
G22242Clear12 in10 in24 in2 mil500$107.73
G22302Clear12 in10 in30 in2 mil500$134.48
G28262Clear14 in14 in26 in2 mil500$148.31
G24242Clear15 in9 in24 in2 mil500$105.51
G24322Clear15 in9 in32 in2 mil250$72.02
G26322Clear16 in10 in32 in2 mil250$84.75
G28302Clear16 in12 in30 in2 mil250$85.50
G28362Clear16 in12 in36 in2 mil250$102.58
G30242Clear16 in14 in24 in2 mil500$143.05
G30302Clear16 in14 in30 in2 mil250$89.44
G30362Clear16 in14 in36 in2 mil250$102.58
G32362Clear18 in14 in36 in2 mil250$114.61
G34402Clear18 in16 in40 in2 mil200$103.66
G36422Clear20 in16 in42 in2 mil200$118.69
G36602Clear20 in16 in60 in2 mil100$83.82
G38362Clear20 in18 in36 in2 mil250$132.69
G40482Clear20 in20 in48 in2 mil100$72.02
G34482Clear24 in10 in48 in2 mil200$129.56
G36362Clear24 in12 in36 in2 mil250$128.74
G44482Clear24 in20 in48 in2 mil100$78.92
G48482Clear24 in24 in48 in2 mil100$87.38
G50482Clear26 in24 in48 in2 mil100$91.76
G50602Clear26 in24 in60 in2 mil100$114.78
G52522Clear28 in24 in52 in2 mil100$103.63
G52602Clear28 in24 in60 in2 mil100$118.69
G56602Clear30 in26 in60 in2 mil100$127.87
Quantity Discounts Available
Buy 5-9 of same part # get a 5% discount.
Buy 10 or more of same part # get a 10% discount.
(discount price will be shown in shopping cart)
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