• Most popular thickness offers protection for light to medium weight products
  • FDA and USDA compliant for food contact
  • 100% virgin polyethylene film
  • Bags can be heat sealed, tied, stapled or taped to close
  • Custom sizes available with low minimums

2 Mil Flat Poly Bags

Part #WidthLengthMILQty/CSPriceBuy
F2322 in3 in2 mil1000$6.63
F2422 in4 in2 mil1000$8.37
F2622 in6 in2 mil1000$8.03
F2822 in8 in2 mil1000$10.62
F21022 in10 in2 mil1000$12.67
F21222 in12 in2 mil1000$15.19
F21622 in16 in2 mil1000$19.98
F22422 in24 in2 mil1000$28.77
F3323 in3 in2 mil1000$6.10
F3423 in4 in2 mil1000$8.10
F3523 in5 in2 mil1000$10.00
F3623 in6 in2 mil1000$11.66
F3823 in8 in2 mil1000$15.29
F31023 in10 in2 mil1000$18.72
F31223 in12 in2 mil1000$22.42
F31423 in14 in2 mil1000$25.04
F31623 in16 in2 mil1000$28.60
F31823 in18 in2 mil1000$32.15
F32423 in24 in2 mil1000$43.12
F4424 in4 in2 mil1000$10.59
F4524 in5 in2 mil1000$12.69
F4624 in6 in2 mil1000$15.06
F4724 in7 in2 mil1000$17.48
F4824 in8 in2 mil1000$19.88
F41024 in10 in2 mil1000$24.82
F41224 in12 in2 mil1000$25.07
F41424 in14 in2 mil1000$29.04
F41624 in16 in2 mil1000$33.21
F41824 in18 in2 mil1000$37.30
F42024 in20 in2 mil1000$41.12
F42424 in24 in2 mil1000$48.30
F5525 in5 in2 mil1000$13.94
F5625 in6 in2 mil1000$16.40
F5725 in7 in2 mil1000$19.02
F5825 in8 in2 mil1000$21.72
F5925 in9 in2 mil1000$23.53
F51025 in10 in2 mil1000$26.00
F51225 in12 in2 mil1000$31.10
F51425 in14 in2 mil1000$35.96
F51625 in16 in2 mil1000$41.10
F52025 in20 in2 mil1000$50.28
F52425 in24 in2 mil1000$60.27
F52825 in28 in2 mil1000$68.50
F53025 in30 in2 mil1000$73.12
F6626 in6 in2 mil1000$19.64
F6726 in7 in2 mil1000$22.26
F6826 in8 in2 mil1000$23.08
F6926 in9 in2 mil1000$25.88
F61026 in10 in2 mil1000$28.39
F61226 in12 in2 mil1000$34.22
F61426 in14 in2 mil1000$38.47
F61626 in16 in2 mil1000$43.92
F61826 in18 in2 mil1000$49.35
F62026 in20 in2 mil1000$54.79
F62426 in24 in2 mil1000$64.09
F62826 in28 in2 mil1000$73.52
F63026 in30 in2 mil1000$79.46
F7727 in7 in2 mil1000$23.63
F7827 in8 in2 mil1000$26.91
F7927 in9 in2 mil1000$28.77
F71027 in10 in2 mil1000$31.61
F71227 in12 in2 mil1000$39.22
F71427 in14 in2 mil1000$45.72
F71627 in16 in2 mil1000$52.18
F71827 in18 in2 mil1000$54.23
F72027 in20 in2 mil1000$60.65
F72427 in24 in2 mil1000$71.62
F73027 in30 in2 mil1000$90.90
F8828 in8 in2 mil1000$30.60
F81028 in10 in2 mil1000$36.14
F81228 in12 in2 mil1000$49.59
F81428 in14 in2 mil1000$58.49
F81628 in16 in2 mil1000$67.13
F81828 in18 in2 mil1000$75.91
F82028 in20 in2 mil1000$83.58
F82428 in24 in2 mil1000$100.34
F83628 in36 in2 mil1000$152.39
F84028 in40 in2 mil1000$166.51
F91029 in10 in2 mil1000$46.04
F91229 in12 in2 mil1000$55.16
F91429 in14 in2 mil1000$61.24
F91529 in15 in2 mil1000$63.89
F91629 in16 in2 mil1000$71.14
F91829 in18 in2 mil1000$79.04
F92029 in20 in2 mil1000$84.42
F92429 in24 in2 mil1000$107.09
F1010210 in10 in2 mil1000$48.62
F1012210 in12 in2 mil1000$57.74
F1014210 in14 in2 mil1000$66.38
F1015210 in15 in2 mil1000$70.49
F1016210 in16 in2 mil1000$74.59
F1018210 in18 in2 mil1000$83.49
F1020210 in20 in2 mil1000$95.42
F1024210 in24 in2 mil1000$112.19
F1036210 in36 in2 mil1000$171.21
F1114211 in14 in2 mil1000$77.75
F1116211 in16 in2 mil1000$89.73
F1118211 in18 in2 mil1000$93.05
F1212212 in12 in2 mil1000$69.23
F1214212 in14 in2 mil1000$79.52
F1215212 in15 in2 mil1000$82.47
F1216212 in16 in2 mil1000$89.32
F1218212 in18 in2 mil1000$99.42
F1220212 in20 in2 mil1000$110.07
F1224212 in24 in2 mil1000$129.20
F1230212 in30 in2 mil1000$164.35
F1236212 in36 in2 mil500$99.42
F1313213 in13 in2 mil1000$77.48
F1316213 in16 in2 mil1000$96.02
F1320213 in20 in2 mil1000$118.90
F1324213 in24 in2 mil1000$140.73
F1414214 in14 in2 mil1000$90.38
F1416214 in16 in2 mil1000$103.55
F1418214 in18 in2 mil1000$113.83
F1420214 in20 in2 mil1000$125.06
F1424214 in24 in2 mil1000$142.67
F1430214 in30 in2 mil500$88.56
F1436214 in36 in2 mil500$109.27
F1440214 in40 in2 mil500$116.19
F1515215 in15 in2 mil1000$95.66
F1518215 in18 in2 mil1000$116.90
F1520215 in20 in2 mil1000$127.60
F1530215 in30 in2 mil500$95.66
F1616216 in16 in2 mil1000$110.07
F1618216 in18 in2 mil1000$120.05
F1620216 in20 in2 mil1000$128.93
F1624216 in24 in2 mil1000$150.61
F1628216 in28 in2 mil500$89.73
F1630216 in30 in2 mil500$95.42
F1636216 in36 in2 mil500$114.75
F1818218 in18 in2 mil1000$120.19
F1820218 in20 in2 mil1000$132.12
F1824218 in24 in2 mil500$79.97
F1830218 in30 in2 mil500$100.55
F1836218 in36 in2 mil500$118.91
F1842218 in42 in2 mil500$133.13
F1848218 in48 in2 mil250$80.62
F2020220 in20 in2 mil500$73.73
F2024220 in24 in2 mil500$84.61
F2030220 in30 in2 mil500$106.94
F2036220 in36 in2 mil500$128.62
F2042220 in42 in2 mil250$75.82
F2048220 in48 in2 mil250$84.61
F2224222 in24 in2 mil500$102.70
F2230222 in30 in2 mil500$132.20
F2424224 in24 in2 mil500$107.56
F2426224 in26 in2 mil500$113.42
F2430224 in30 in2 mil500$133.35
F2436224 in36 in2 mil250$81.66
F2442224 in42 in2 mil250$96.54
F2448224 in48 in2 mil250$109.51
F2460224 in60 in2 mil250$134.97
F2626226 in26 in2 mil500$122.58
F2636226 in36 in2 mil250$86.12
F2642226 in42 in2 mil250$98.11
F2648226 in48 in2 mil250$113.42
F2828228 in28 in2 mil500$144.13
F2832228 in32 in2 mil250$82.86
F2836228 in36 in2 mil250$91.92
F2840228 in40 in2 mil250$101.08
F2848228 in48 in2 mil250$122.58
F2860228 in60 in2 mil200$122.58
F3030230 in30 in2 mil250$86.96
F3036230 in36 in2 mil250$103.96
F3042230 in42 in2 mil250$118.69
F3048230 in48 in2 mil250$135.78
F3060230 in60 in2 mil200$135.78
F3232232 in32 in2 mil250$92.90
F3240232 in40 in2 mil250$117.63
F3248232 in48 in2 mil200$114.61
F3256232 in56 in2 mil200$133.33
F3436234 in36 in2 mil250$111.64
F3440234 in40 in2 mil250$123.87
F3448234 in48 in2 mil200$120.80
F3636236 in36 in2 mil250$120.28
F3642236 in42 in2 mil200$112.63
F3648236 in48 in2 mil200$128.25
F3660236 in60 in2 mil100$79.65
F3842238 in42 in2 mil200$117.83
F3860238 in60 in2 mil100$85.83
F3865238 in65 in2 mil100$94.64
F4042240 in42 in2 mil200$123.77
F4048240 in48 in2 mil100$73.45
F4054240 in54 in2 mil100$79.91
F4060240 in60 in2 mil100$91.29
F4448244 in48 in2 mil100$77.50
F4460244 in60 in2 mil100$96.23
F4848248 in48 in2 mil100$86.56
F4854248 in54 in2 mil100$96.39
F4860248 in60 in2 mil100$107.92
F5660256 in60 in2 mil100$124.13
Quantity Discounts Available
Buy 5-9 of same part # get a 5% discount.
Buy 10 or more of same part # get a 10% discount.
(discount price will be shown in shopping cart)
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