• Keep pallet tops clean and dry during shipping and storage
  • Prevent costly damage to machinery, production lines, and unfinished goods from dirt and dust
  • Use as a moisture barrier on the top of a pallet before stacking finished products
  • Clear sheets provide easy identification
  • Stock sheets are folded to ½ the finished width (centerfold)
  • Custom sizes available. Custom printing and colored sheets too. Just give us a call!

Pallet Top Sheeting on rolls

Part #WidthLengthMilQty/RollPriceBuy
PT6060160 in60 in1 mil400$154.60
PT7272172 in72 in1 mil300$162.85
PT242424 in24 in1.5 mil1000$94.04
PT303030 in30 in1.5 mil900$132.30
PT363636 in36 in1.5 mil800$169.22
PT364836 in48 in1.5 mil600$169.22
PT484848 in48 in1.5 mil600$223.26
PT486048 in60 in1.5 mil450$209.32
PT487248 in72 in1.5 mil400$223.26
PT545454 in54 in1.5 mil250$115.27
PT546054 in60 in1.5 mil250$128.07
PT606060 in60 in1.5 mil250$142.22
PT607260 in72 in1.5 mil225$153.69
PT727272 in72 in1.5 mil200$163.90
PT729672 in96 in1.5 mil150$163.90
PT108108108 in108 in1.5 mil100$176.38
PT6060260 in60 in2 mil175$120.65
PT60602W60 in60 in2 mil (white)175$141.49
PT7272272 in72 in2 mil150$136.53
Quantity Discounts Available
Buy 5-9 of same part # get a 5% discount.
Buy 10 or more of same part # get a 10% discount.
(discount price will be shown in shopping cart)
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