• Ideal for packaging bulky items
  • Perfect for lining boxes or for use as covers
  • All gusseted bags are FDA and USDA approved
  • Sides expand to give you extra space for storage or shipping
  • Custom sizes available with low minimums

Pallet Bags on a Roll

Part #ColorWidthDepthLengthMilQty/RollPriceBuy
G90481PORClear48 in42 in48 in1 mil150$117.78
G5660PORClear30 in26 in60 in1.5 mil100$94.59
G6048PORClear32 in28 in48 in1.5 mil200$142.65
G6072PORClear32 in28 in72 in1.5 mil135$144.55
G6460PORClear36 in28 in60 in1.5 mil160$152.32
G7260PORClear36 in36 in60 in1.5 mil130$139.14
G7454PORClear42 in32 in54 in1.5 mil140$138.65
G7460PORClear42 in32 in60 in1.5 mil130$143.09
G8080PORClear44 in36 in80 in1.5 mil100$158.58
G8096PORClear44 in36 in96 in1.5 mil80$152.32
G9080PORClear46 in44 in80 in1.5 mil70 Original price was: $124.90.Current price is: $110.18.
G8472PORClear48 in36 in72 in1.5 mil110$164.94
G9472PORClear48 in46 in72 in1.5 mil75$125.79
G10073PORClear51 in49 in73 in1.5 mil75 Original price was: $135.13.Current price is: $119.20.
G10085PORClear51 in49 in85 in1.5 mil60 Original price was: $125.86.Current price is: $111.03.
G10097PORClear51 in49 in97 in1.5 mil50$119.79
G10096PORClear52 in48 in96 in1.5 mil60$142.65
G100108POR52 in48 in108 in1.5 mil50$133.80
G9578PORClear53 in42 in78 in1.5 mil65$128.57
G9872PORClear54 in44 in72 in1.5 mil75 Original price was: $131.13.Current price is: $115.68.
G9896PORClear54 in44 in96 in1.5 mil60$139.93
G10496PORClear58 in46 in96 in1.5 mil60$148.45
G104108POR58 in46 in108 in1.5 mil50$139.16
G56602PORClear30 in26 in60 in2 mil100$125.78
G60482PORClear32 in28 in48 in2 mil160$152.27
G60602PORClear32 in28 in60 in2 mil130$154.71
G60722PORClear32 in28 in72 in2 mil110$157.01
G60842PORClear32 in28 in84 in2 mil90$149.89
G60962PORClear32 in28 in96 in2 mil80$152.32
G64602PORClear36 in28 in60 in2 mil130$164.94
G68482PORClear36 in32 in48 in2 mil160$172.56
G68602PORClear36 in32 in60 in2 mil130$175.29
G72482PORClear36 in36 in48 in2 mil125$142.65
G72722PORClear36 in36 in72 in2 mil80$137.00
G74542PORClear42 in32 in54 in2 mil110$145.25
G74602PORClear42 in32 in60 in2 mil100$146.70
G74722PORClear42 in32 in72 in2 mil80$140.98
G74842PORClear42 in32 in84 in2 mil70$143.80
G80802PORClear44 in36 in80 in2 mil75$158.58
G80882PORClear44 in36 in88 in2 mil70$162.84
G80962PORClear44 in36 in96 in2 mil60$152.32
G801082PORClear44 in36 in108 in2 mil55$157.01
G90802PORClear46 in44 in80 in2 mil55$130.94
G901002PORClear46 in44 in100 in2 mil45$133.80
G78602PORClear48 in30 in60 in2 mil100$154.71
G78722PORClear48 in30 in72 in2 mil80$148.45
G84722PORClear48 in36 in72 in2 mil80$159.93
G84962PORClear48 in36 in96 in2 mil60$159.93
G90482PORClear48 in42 in48 in2 mil100 Original price was: $134.03.Current price is: $118.23.
G94722PORClear48 in46 in72 in2 mil60$134.24
G94962PORClear48 in46 in96 in2 mil45 Original price was: $134.24.Current price is: $118.42.
G941262PORClear48 in46 in126 in2 mil35$136.93
G92692UVPORBlack-UVI50 in42 in69 in2 mil65$151.48
G100732PORClear51 in49 in73 in2 mil55$131.36
G100732UVPORBlack-UVI51 in49 in73 in2 mil55$147.19
G100852PORClear51 in49 in85 in2 mil50 Original price was: $138.45.Current price is: $122.13.
G100852UVPORBlack-UVI51 in49 in85 in2 mil50$159.77
G100972UVPORBlack-UVI51 in49 in97 in2 mil45$159.96
G100972PORClear51 in49 in97 in2 mil40 Original price was: $126.98.Current price is: $112.01.
G100962PORClear52 in48 in96 in2 mil45 Original price was: $142.65.Current price is: $125.84.
G1001082PORClear52 in48 in108 in2 mil40$142.65
G95782PORClear53 in42 in78 in2 mil55$134.71
G98722PORClear54 in44 in72 in2 mil60 Original price was: $139.93.Current price is: $123.44.
G98962PORClear54 in44 in96 in2 mil45 Original price was: $139.93.Current price is: $123.44.
G981322PORClear54 in44 in132 in2 mil30$128.18
G104962PORClear58 in46 in96 in2 mil45$148.45
G1041252PORClear58 in46 in125 in2 mil35$150.40
G133822PORClear68 in65 in82 in2 mil50 Original price was: $188.71.Current price is: $166.47.
G50483PORClear26 in24 in48 in3 mil50$75.15
G56603PORClear30 in26 in60 in3 mil50$94.03
G94723PORClear48 in46 in72 in3 mil45$151.41
G100733UVPORBlack-UVI51 in49 in73 in3 mil40$166.09
G100853UVPORBlack-UVI51 in49 in85 in3 mil35$169.07
G100973UVPORBlack-UVI51 in49 in97 in3 mil30$161.52
G100973PORClear51 in49 in97 in3 mil30 Original price was: $140.33.Current price is: $123.79.
G98723PORClear54 in44 in72 in3 mil40$141.15
G98963PORClear54 in44 in96 in3 mil30$141.36
G60484PORClear32 in28 in48 in4 mil80$152.32
G60604PORClear32 in28 in60 in4 mil65$154.71
G60724PORClear32 in28 in72 in4 mil55$157.01
G60844PORClear32 in28 in84 in4 mil45$149.89
G60964PORClear32 in28 in96 in4 mil40$152.32
G64604PORClear36 in28 in60 in4 mil65$164.94
G64964PORClear36 in28 in96 in4 mil40$162.46
G68484PORClear36 in32 in48 in4 mil80$172.56
G68604PORClear36 in32 in60 in4 mil65$175.29
G72484PORClear36 in36 in48 in4 mil60$137.00
G72604PORClear36 in36 in60 in4 mil50$142.65
G72724PORClear36 in36 in72 in4 mil40$137.00
G721084POR36 in36 in108 in4 mil25$128.53
G62724PORClear40 in22 in72 in4 mil55$162.23
G74544PORClear42 in32 in54 in4 mil55$145.25
G74604PORClear42 in32 in60 in4 mil50$146.70
G74724PORClear42 in32 in72 in4 mil40$140.80
G74844PORClear42 in32 in84 in4 mil35$143.80
G78604PORClear44 in34 in60 in4 mil50$154.71
G80804PORClear44 in36 in80 in4 mil35$148.04
G80884PORClear44 in36 in88 in4 mil35$162.84
G801084PORClear44 in36 in108 in4 mil25$142.65
G88704PORClear44 in44 in70 in4 mil25$102.58
G90804PORClear46 in44 in80 in4 mil35$166.53
G901004PORClear46 in44 in100 in4 mil30$178.51
G84724PORClear48 in36 in72 in4 mil40$159.93
G94724PORClear48 in46 in72 in4 mil35 Original price was: $156.46.Current price is: $138.02.
G94964PORClear48 in46 in96 in4 mil25 Original price was: $149.06.Current price is: $131.49.
G94574PORClear50 in44 in57 in4 mil25$91.53
G98844PORClear50 in48 in84 in4 mil25 Original price was: $138.65.Current price is: $122.31.
G100734PORClear51 in49 in73 in4 mil30 Original price was: $142.27.Current price is: $125.50.
G100854PORClear51 in49 in85 in4 mil25 Original price was: $153.86.Current price is: $135.72.
G95704PORClear52 in43 in70 in4 mil25$113.72
G100964PORClear52 in48 in96 in4 mil25 Original price was: $158.58.Current price is: $139.89.
G1001204PORClear52 in48 in120 in4 mil20$158.58
G95784PORClear53 in42 in78 in4 mil35$171.43
G98724PORClear54 in44 in72 in4 mil30$139.93
G98964PORClear54 in44 in96 in4 mil25 Original price was: $155.58.Current price is: $137.25.
G981204PORClear54 in44 in120 in4 mil20$155.58
G981324PORClear54 in44 in132 in4 mil20$170.96
G104964PORClear58 in46 in96 in4 mil25 Original price was: $164.94.Current price is: $145.50.
G1041254PORClear58 in46 in125 in4 mil20$171.76
Quantity Discounts Available
Buy 5-9 of same part # get a 5% discount.
Buy 10 or more of same part # get a 10% discount.
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