• Bulk Bags or FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) are made of woven polypropylene and are UV resistant
  • Ideal for transporting or storing dry bulk solid products
  • 4 corner loops allow for transporting and storage without pallets
  • Fold flat when empty, taking up less space than other packaging
  • Hold more weight than Gaylord boxes and take up less space than drums
  • Save on shipping costs and fuel due to having the lowest package to product weight ratio of any other intermediate industrial container
  • All bulk bags have an attached document pouch
  • Recyclable
  • Most popular sizes and styles shown. Keep in mind over 75 stock bags available should you need a bulk bag not listed
  • Custom sizes and options also available. Please call.

Coated 2500 lbs. Capacity Bulk Bags

Part #SizeDescriptionCubic ftQTY/PalletBuy
BB-45C5DS35x35x45Duffle Top - Spout Bottom, U-Panel38.6 ft³1 pallet/225 bags, 1 pallet/50 bags
BB-45C5SS35x35x45Spout Top - Spout Bottom, U-Panel38.6 ft³1 pallet/245 bags, 1 pallet/50 bags
BB-50C5DS35x35x50Duffle Top - Spout Bottom, U-Panel43.1 ft³1 pallet/215 bags, 1 pallet/50 bags
BB-52C5DS35x35x52Duffle Top - Spout Bottom, U-Panel44.9 ft³1 pallet/210 bags, 1 pallet/50 bags
BB-60C5DS35x35x60Duffle Top - Spout Bottom, U-Panel52.2 ft³1 pallet/190 bags, 1 pallet/50 bags
BB-60C5SS35x35x60Spout Top - Spout Bottom, U-Panel52.2 ft³1 pallet/200 bags, 1 pallet/50 bags
BB-70C5DS35x35x70Duffle Top - Spout Bottom, U-Panel61.2 ft³1 pallet/175 bags, 1 pallet/50 bags
BB-70C5SS35x35x70Spout Top - Spout Bottom, U-Panel61.2 ft³1 pallet/185 bags, 1 pallet/50 bags
Quantity Discounts Available
Buy 5-9 of same part # get a 5% discount.
Buy 10 or more of same part # get a 10% discount.
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