• Tamper-evident, self-locking tie
  • Locks tightly, must be cut to be removed
  • Permanently secure items, such as cables, pipes, bags, etc.
  • Variety of tensile strengths for all applications
  • Black ties are UV resistant, approved for outdoor use

Natural Nylon Cable Ties

Part #LengthWidthTensile StrengthQty/CSPriceBuy
TNSL-3-18-NAT3 in0.10 in18 lbs1000$12.62
TNSL-4-18-NAT4 in0.10 in18 lbs1000$16.37
TNSL-5-18-NAT5.5 in0.10 in18 lbs1000$27.59
TNSL-6-18-NAT6 in0.10 in18 lbs1000$18.91
TNSL-7-18-NAT7 in0.10 in18 lbs1000$24.64
TNSL-8-18-NAT8 in0.10 in18 lbs1000$24.70
TNSL-4-40-NAT4 in0.14 in40 lbs1000$20.58
TNSL-5-40-NAT5 in0.14 in40 lbs1000$22.02
TNSL-6-40-NAT6 in0.14 in40 lbs1000$33.18
TNSL-7-40-NAT7 in0.14 in40 lbs1000$38.08
TNSL-8-40-NAT8 in0.14 in40 lbs1000$33.96
TNSL-9-40-NAT9 in0.14 in40 lbs1000$28.71
TNSL-10-40-NAT10 in0.14 in40 lbs1000$32.26
TNSL-11-40-NAT11 in0.14 in40 lbs1000$47.74
TNSL-13-40-NAT13 in0.14 in40 lbs1000$40.98
TNSL-14-40-NAT14 in0.14 in40 lbs500$29.97
TNSL-5-50-NAT5.5 in0.19 in50 lbs1000$33.63
TNSL-6-50-NAT6 in0.19 in50 lbs1000$36.20
TNSL-7-50-NAT7 in0.19 in50 lbs1000$41.29
TNSL-8-50-NAT8 in0.19 in50 lbs1000$44.24
TNSL-9-50-NAT9 in0.19 in50 lbs1000$49.52
TNSL-10-50-NAT10 in0.19 in50 lbs1000$56.17
TNSL-11-50-NAT11 in0.19 in50 lbs1000$58.80
TNSL-12-50-NAT12 in0.19 in50 lbs1000$66.64
TNSL-13-50-NAT13 in0.19 in50 lbs1000$88.66
TNSL-14-50-NAT14 in0.19 in50 lbs1000$78.40
TNSL-15-50-NAT15 in0.19 in50 lbs1000$65.45
TNSL-16-50-NAT16 in0.19 in50 lbs500$53.28
TNSL-17-50-NAT17 in0.19 in50 lbs1000$78.12
TNSL-18-50-NAT18 in0.19 in50 lbs500$54.85
TNSL-19-50-NAT19 in0.19 in50 lbs500$58.80
TNSL-21-50-NAT21 in0.19 in50 lbs500$56.83
TNSL-36-50-NAT36 in0.19 in50 lbs100$27.61
TNSL-14-80-NAT14 in0.25 in80 lbs100$17.36
TNSL-6-120-NAT6 in0.30 in120 lbs100$12.04
TNSL-8-120-NAT8 in0.30 in120 lbs100$14.71
TNSL-10-120-NAT10 in0.30 in120 lbs100$15.88
TNSL-11-120-NAT11 in0.30 in120 lbs100$20.43
TNSL-13-120-NAT13 in0.30 in120 lbs100$18.66
TNSL-14-120-NAT14 in0.30 in120 lbs100$19.19
TNSL-16-120-NAT16 in0.30 in120 lbs100$20.10
TNSL-18-120-NAT18 in0.30 in120 lbs100$23.91
TNSL-21-120-NAT21 in0.30 in120 lbs100$30.91
TNSL-22-120-NAT22 in0.30 in120 lbs100$28.03
TNSL-24-120-NAT24 in0.30 in120 lbs100$42.81
TNSL-26-120-NAT26 in0.30 in120 lbs100$55.93
TNSL-28-120-NAT28 in0.30 in120 lbs100$33.39
TNSL-15-175-NAT15 in0.35 in175 lbs100$25.45
TNSL-18-175-NAT18 in0.35 in175 lbs100$29.99
TNSL-21-175-NAT21 in0.35 in175 lbs100$34.24
TNSL-24-175-NAT24 in0.35 in175 lbs100$39.45
TNSL-25-175-NAT25 in0.35 in175 lbs100$54.77
TNSL-30-175-NAT30 in0.35 in175 lbs100$57.47
TNSL-32-175-NAT32 in0.35 in175 lbs100$53.45
TNSL-36-175-NAT36 in0.35 in175 lbs100$61.61
TNSL-40-175-NAT40 in0.35 in175 lbs100$62.54
TNSL-48-175-NAT48 in0.35 in175 lbs50$44.81
TNSL-60-175-NAT60 in0.35 in175 lbs50$73.07
TNSL-17-250-NAT17 in0.5 in250 lbs100$62.64
TNSL-18-250-NAT18 in0.5 in250 lbs100$74.34
TNSL-21-250-NAT21 in0.5 in250 lbs100$51.79
TNSL-24-250-NAT24 in0.5 in250 lbs100$60.00
TNSL-28-250-NAT28 in0.5 in250 lbs100$59.26
TNSL-30-250-NAT30 in0.5 in250 lbs100$82.45
TNSL-36-250-NAT36 in0.5 in250 lbs100$122.22
Quantity Discounts Available
Buy 5-9 of same part # get a 5% discount.
Buy 10 or more of same part # get a 10% discount.
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