Film Materials

Standard low density
Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is the most versatile choice for a wide range of packaging needs and is the material from which most of our stock poly bags and film are made. Low density has excellent clarity and the strength to protect most items.

Clarity resin
When high clarity is critical to the display of a product, we can manufacture your film from resin with a low haze.

Linear low density
Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) film has a molecular configuration that is well suited to applications where strength (puncture strength in particular) is more important than clarity. LLDPE films tend to stretch more than low density films before breaking, though they are typically lighter and provide less barrier protection.

Hexene v. octene LLDPE
Our supplier manufactures its standard LLDPE film from a blend of high-grade resins. However, bags and film can also be manufactured from pure hexene or octene resin. Hexene is a very strong LLDPE material that will stand up to more rigorous demands than a standard blend. Octene delivers the highest performance at a given weight of any LLDPE material.

Anti-block is an additive that may reside in polyethylene resin or be mixed with a resin to alter its performance. When polyethylene resin is extruded, anti-block bleeds to the inside of the bags and increases the ease with which bags open.

Non-scratch bags and film contain no anti-block additive. Because anti-block additive reduces the tendency of film layers to stick together, non-scratch bags may be more difficult to open.

When polyethylene resin is extruded, slip bleeds to the outside of the bags and increases the degree to which they slip, or glide. Slip makes bags easy to handle and prevents them from sticking to one another. High slip bags call for extra slip additive which increases the degree to which bags glide in any given process or handling, whereas low slip bags inhibit movement and promote grip.