Custom Material and Additive Options

Materials Available

ANTI-BLOCK – Additive for easy opening and loading
ANTI-STATIC – Additive for all static-dissipative film
CLARITY – For improved visibility of film contents
HDPE – High-density polyethylene for thinner, more economical film
HIGH-SLIP – High-slip additive for reduced friction between film
LDPE – Low-density polyethylene for standard strength film
LLDPE – Linear low-density polyethylene for higher-strength film
METALLOCENE – Additive for high-strength film or cold storage
NON-SLIP – No slip additive to increase friction between film
NON-SCRATCH – No anti-block additive for a smoother film surface
POLYPROPYLENE – Superior clarity
POSTAL-APPROVED – Higher-slip & anti-static additives for film used in USPS mailings
STATIC SHIELDING – Metallized shielding film
UVI/UVA – Ultraviolet Inhibitor/Absorber to protect film and contents from the sun
VCI – Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor for film to prevent rust