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Bag, Tubing & Sheeting Styles

Select what works best for all your shipping and packaging applications.

What is a MIL and MIL Strength?
One (1) "MIL" equals one thousandth (1/1000) of an inch and measures the thickness of the bag.

1 MIL - Economical short term storage for very lightweight items.
1.5 MIL - Lightweight protection from dirt and moisture.
2 MIL - Most popular thickness offers protection for light to medium weight products.
3 MIL - Additional protection for hardware, nuts and bolts, and plumbing or electrical supplies.
4 MIL - Heavy duty protection for tools and industrial parts.
6 MIL - Extra heavy duty protection against punctures and tears on bulky items or items with sharp corners.
8 MIL - Maximum protection for sharp edged and heavy industrial products.

If you are unsure what thickness you require, let our customer service team assist you. Whatever your needs - be it bags, tubing, sheeting, etc- we can ensure you are covered to meet your specifications.



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